Clarified whiskers on the upper lip or the supra (it is also used for the hair), or hydrogen peroxide, or special whitening cream.
To lighten the supra in a small non-metallic bowl, mix a little powder supra and oxidizer. After that apply the mixture to hair and leave on for a few minutes.
Make sure that the supra didn't get on the delicate skin of the lips and mucous membranes.
Bleaching with peroxide of hydrogen acts on the same principle as lightening the supra - pigment of hair is destroyed, as a result, they are discolored.
If you decide to lighten hair bleaching cream cream, mix it properly in a non-metallic bowl (carefully read instructions). Cream largely the supra and peroxide because the active component can simply mix (not extinct proportions). But cream can be an allergic reaction (due to its constituent components).
If you have dark hair (including on face), refrain from bleaching. The hairs will still look unnatural because it will be lighter skin tone.
Such hair can be removed with wax. You can find special wax strips for the face, which can remove excess hair quickly and almost painlessly.
Before application degrease the skin and after you remove the hairs brush the peach butter.
If you have sensitive skin, be careful - can start irritation.
For sensitive skin better suited to method of hair removal. The procedure of unwanted hairs on my face now it is possible to spend in many shops. But before you go make sure its reliability.