You will need
  • Hook
  • Cotton thread
Take the hook in your right hand and the left hand control the tension of cotton yarn. For sample tie a small chain of air loops. Then back off two loops from the end of the knitting – they will become a "stepping stone" to the next row. Loop with hook is a leading. It is not included in the number of required loops for lifting polytypic.
Enter the third hook in the air loop. Grab the working thread, throwing it over the hook. Then drag the string through the 2 loops: air and the one on the hook. You came simple polytypic.
Link latest polytypic and try the following number to do polytypicand with nakida. To do this, yo leave it on the hook.Then enter the hook into the third loop of the chain. Put the thread on the hook and pull it through the loop; throw the thread again. Now pull it through two loops and yo (who is on the hook). Turned out polytypic with nakida.
Try a simple pattern involving polytypicand with nakida. To do this, again tie a chain of air loops. Next, follow the steps below:
• 3 loop - column without nakida
• 4 p. - polytypic with nakida.
• 5. - column with nakida.
• P. 6 – column with two yo.
Then knit everything in reverse order until you get the kink.
Connect polytypicAMI two knitted pieces, and also try to tie crochet edges of sleeves, collar or scarf. So you better learn the different application of polytypics.