Determine what class of laminate you need, what are the requirements for wear resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, environmental friendliness, etc. it needs to fit. After that, choose the manufacturer of the laminate to meet your requirements.
Lay laminate Norwegian company Alloc AS in a room where there will be asthmatics or allergies. The products of this company are absolutely safe for people, does not harm the environment. On its material laminate manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty - this life few can boast. Laminate Alloc AS, thanks to the unique system of aluminium locks can be easily assembled and disassembled, as a puzzle. It is extremely durable. The load at breaking boards with a lock – 1200 kg/m Grade laminate – 31-34. Sound-absorbing substrate "Silent System"muffles the sound of steps by 50%.
Do not tolerate compromise - so the choice of Quick Step laminate flooring, popular in all continents, the right decision. A collection of several dozen decor laminate gives you to choose your own unique color. Patented lock allows you to endure 450 kg/m Minimum service life of not less than 20 years. Thanks antiemeticescoy substrate decreases by 20% noise. The choice of laminate Belgian company Quick Step is a unique moisture resistance, the installation of the glueless Uniclic, lovely surface texture, high grade laminate flooring, best ratio quality-price.
The choice of color is yours
Select products the Austrian-German concern Kronotex, which is a leader in the production of the floor covering economy class. It combines a reasonable price with the same German quality – strength, durability, ease of Assembly. High density panels Kronotex gives you the opportunity to apply them in the system "warm floor". Laminate flooring does not emit at high temperatures, no harmful substances, is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. In addition to classic colors Kronotex offers stylish and bright designs and prints. Service life is 15-20 years.
Firm Tarkett is another recognized leader and the legislator of fashion trends in the production of floor coverings. Tarkett constantly improves quality of its products, carries out development on its improvement.
Swedish company Pergo – the ancestor of the laminate. More than a century, it occupies a leading position in this spectrum of production. One of the chips panels Pergo is Smart Lock. It allows a simple snap to connect panels at any angle. Lock design does not allow moisture and debris to penetrate under the flooring.
Another feature of laminate flooring Pergo is a unique abrasion resistance. Crystalline aluminum oxide added to the composition of the substance, gives a high resistance to abrasion. In some flooring in the upper layer of added silver ions that inhibit the reproduction of the panels of microorganisms. This laminate is perfect for children's rooms and bedrooms. Some of the collection for downloaded computers office premises are supplied with antistatic treatment.