For this coverage there is no need to sand your floors indoors or cover it with a layer of lacquer. Caring for laminateohms extremely convenient and easy. It is comfortable enough to vacuum and wash. Not unimportant as a laminateand is its complete protection from artificial dust due to the structure of the materials that compose it. The leaves of this coating is easily and simply connected to each other and easy to attach the screws.
One of the main advantages of this coating is its unique strength. The floor of the laminateand are not afraid of no run in heels or hour moved a heavy couch. First of all, before selecting the laminateand the need to find the space where you plan to place it on the floor. The more interior will stand on the flooring, the more durable the structure you need to select it in the store. The division of the strength of the laminateand there for certain grades. The higher the grade of laminateand the more its strength according to the characteristics of abrasion.
Commercial laminate is used most often for offices and commercial premises. It means the biggest and the increased load of all pieces of furniture. For such facilities at the enterprises it is recommended to use class 33 laminate flooring with unique abrasion class AC5. Also frequently used universal domestic laminate flooringthat is designed specifically for conventional residential premises in an apartment house or for modern commercial premises with a lower load on the cover.
One of the most important criteria for choosing laminate flooringis its moisture resistance. All joints and connections of this coating are very sensitive to water, and often injected into the joints of moisture coating constantly wet and can start to deform. Thus it becomes unusable for long life. That is why in recent time, manufacturers began to produce the modern water-resistant laminate.