The first way is to pay the tax through the payment terminal of the savings Bank of Russia. Thanks to simple, clear and convenient interface these terminals to make the payment through them and can even people not versed and inexperienced in such matters. Through terminals of Sberbank of Russia you can pay any type of tax, whether it be utility bills, land tax, tax on property of physical persons, the transport tax, penny and fines. And most importantly, if you pay through the terminal of Sberbank of Russia will not be charged a fee, i.e. how much cash you made so much and were credited to the recipient. If you came to the decision to pay tax through the terminal of Sberbank of Russia, something to do in this case, you need the following.

When paying with a credit card:

  1. Insert your card in the slot that says CARD.

  2. Enter the PIN code.

  3. Select "Payments".

  4. Select the payment type.

  5. Select the payee's tax service in your area. Most often such information is stated on the tax notice.

  6. Enter the code shown on the receipt in the upper left corner or, if available, simply bring the bar code reading scanner, and then this 15-digit identification code will be entered automatically.

  7. Click "Continue" and verify the information.

  8. If everything is correct, then "Accept".

  9. Take the check.

If paying by cash:

  1. Select "cash".

  2. Then with the second 7 paragraph act the same as if you paid by credit card.

  3. Select "Deposit cash".

  4. Insert cash into the bill acceptor. Putting the terminal does not give, therefore, the overpayment will be referred to bill subsequent fees for this tax.

  5. Then proceed the same as if you paid by credit card.

You have alternative to working with the terminal. You can make a payment the old-fashioned way - by mail. The disadvantages of such a payment – slow service, the queue. You can also make the payment through e-cashier of the savings Bank. You will need to enter in the appropriate fields your passport data, identification number of the tax notice and your PIN. But to do this you will have at your own risk, as the theft of PIN codes through the Internet is currently thriving.