You will need
  • the details of the tax inspection;
  • - the amount of tax you must pay;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - computer and Internet access for the payment of taxes through Internet banking.
Calculate the amount of tax. In most cases it is 13% of your income, but some used different numbers: 9, 30 or 35%. All features of the application of varying tax rates prescribed in the Tax code of the Russian Federation in the Chapter on the tax to incomes of physical persons (NDFL).Divide the income by one hundred and multiply the resulting figure by 13 different tax rate depending on its source. The result of these arithmetic operations will be the amount of tax you must pay.
Find out the details for the payment of personal income tax in the region. They need to know and provide it upon request to your tax inspection, you can find this information in the Internet site of Management of Federal tax service of Russia in its own region, usually able to help and employees of the branches of Sberbank.
The most common method of tax - transfer through Sberbank. This will require a special receipt form for payments to the budget. Ask the teller or consultant this form. Fill it on the model in the Bank or taken to the tax.You can also find a form online to fill out on the computer and printed. Do not forget to sign.
You can also pay the taxes from the account of a natural person in any Bank using Internet-client or personally contacting the representative in the office of the credit institution in which you have an account. In the second case, you will need your passport.Go with your passport to the Bank branch you will have after using the Internet client to get the document, confirming the payment.