You will need
  • Flash Renamer.
To rename one or more music files in the usual way. Click the desired object, right-click and select in the pop menu the string "Rename" or highlight it in the list of files and press F2. The file Manager will turn on the edit mode of the name - type in the desired text and press Enter.
The described method uses the capabilities of the file Manager of the operating system, but many programs for playing music also have built-in edit function. For example, in the player, The KMPlayer invoked by a line of the playlist, right-click the mouse to reveal the menu section "Manage list items" and select "Rename". The rename dialog can be accessed by pressing Alt+R. Changed the name of the file in this dialog, click OK.
Custom applications can change file names in batch mode, i.e. apply this operation to one and to all content of a folder or of any selected group of objects. The song titles are read from the file itself - it contains tags with the name, artist, album name and track number. The program you can set the template by which all these data it will be the new name of the file.
For example, if you install a Flash Renamer, context menu, folders will be added to the item Open with Flash Renamer, select it, right click the icon of the directory in which the files are editable. Then click Music and in the Style list select one of the preset templates or check box Custom and make themselves needed.
In the right pane of the application window, select all the files or the desired group and click the Rename button. The program will set and display the report on the results of the operation.
You can edit the tags within the music files player playback displays the title, artist and album, by reading them from the tags. For such operations, too, there are special programs. The above-described Flash Renamer is the app is universal, it has a lot of functions for a variety of batch operations with files, including edit the tags. To open the form change these, select menu tab Mp3 Tagger.
Select in the right pane of the file, and fill out the form in the left pane, there is the possibility to specify the track number, name, artist, album, year, genre and comments. If the source tags is empty, all you want to complete, it is necessary to score independently, and if not, these fields will already have values, they can be corrected. When you're ready, click Write Tags.