You will need
  • - computer with unlimited Internet access
  • - perseverance
  • - dedication
  • - ability to self-organize
The good news: money online really is. This is proven by many generations of successful freelancers and Moneymaker. The bad news: the "loot" here. This means that in order to earn in the Internet a decent amount, you have to really work, investing a lot of time and effort. To work often even more than on office work offline. And if the prospect of serious work doesn't scare you, you can proceed to the consideration of real earnings.
But before talking about how and where to earn online, you have to say about what to do definitely should not be. In the first place is not worth chasing tempting is huge earnings without any effort. If you see the ad, which promises $ 100,000 per month with 30 minutes a day without any skills, you can be sure that it is a Scam. And earn gather here for you. Also, do not get involved in various pyramid schemes, "magic purses", the earnings on the clicks and reading promotional emails. In the best case, you get a measly penny for the hours of mindless sitting in front of the monitor, and at worst, a simple fraud.
Before looking real earnings in the Internet, you have to find out for yourself what you can do and what can make money. There are two possible ways: a) remote operation for one or more customer (s); b) the earnings on their websites or developing their own info-business.
If you choose freelancing, you first need to evaluate their professional skills. What can you offer to the customer? Writing texts (copywriting), programming, web design, creating and selling professional photos, business in any region or something else? Choosing your skills, you can move on to creating a portfolio and finding the first customers. It is important to keep in mind that at first it is difficult to have high fees can not count. In the Internet high level of competition in any sphere of activity and before you will be able to declare itself as about the good expert and to acquire a circle of reliable customers have to spend a lot of time and effort. But don't despair. Professionals always are worth their weight in gold and your perseverance and desire to Excel will definitely bear fruit.
The earnings on their sites are convenient because you practically do not depend on the will of customers. If you are a good webmaster, then the results will not keep itself waiting long. If you have a network of their own sites, a lot of money you can earn on different affiliate programs, contextual advertising, selling links and providing space for placing promotional articles. Of course, this activity also requires knowledge, persistence, experience, and determination. But it is important to know that sooner or later all the work and effort pay off handsomely, the main thing do not throw the case halfway and not to be discouraged by possible failures.