You will need
  • your website, free website for People.<url>
You need to have a website with a daily attendance of more than 300 unique visitors. The site should be located on a paid hosting or free owned by Yandex. This is the only free hosting service which cooperates with the Yandex advertising network. To register there, go to the sites of service for the People.
Register your "untwisted" site in Yan - in the Yandex advertising network at If you don't have the Yandex passport, the system will automatically prompt you to create it. Follow the instructions and add your website. If it passed moderation, it will safely bring you a monthly income from the placement of advertising blocks Yandex. direct. The idea of earning here is that visitors will come daily to your website and many of them are interested in the advertising company Yandex. For every click on the advertisement, you'll receive a certain amount of money.
After participating in the system Yandex-direct many users will encounter a fair question, and how to earn on Yandex more using just your website. The answer is, add your website to the affiliate network of Yandex. It is called MixMarket and is located at There you will be able to earn good money on the aggregator of affiliate programs Mix-uni and clicks by participating in the following advertising programs – "Context item", "Your store", "Where to buy", "Ready market". Requirements for all programs Yan is the same - the website is daily to have from three hundred unique visitors and must not violate current legislation of the Russian Federation.