Advice 1: How can I not think about her husband's mistress

Cheating husband – the most painful betrayal for loving woman. From tearing apart the soul the pain associated with infidelity men are not so easy to get rid of. Do not think about the treacherous rival in love is much harder.
How can I not think about her husband's mistress
Do not allow to develop inferiority complex on the basis of campaigns of your spouse "left." Throw away thoughts about what you lost the appeal, so your spouse was forced to pay attention to other women. On the contrary - he's not worthy of you, since I have done that to him a loving and faithful woman. So we should not compare himself with his mistress to think about what it is and what it better than you.
Much more appropriate for you in this situation would be completely different behavior. Take care of yourself – in every sense of the word. Sign up for courses that were not available to you due to the constant lack of time (you spent on gourmet dinners for my husband and the Laundry). Choose a sport – morning run up to labor day, and yoga will soothe, distract from Intrusive thoughts about his mistress. Often meet friends and family – it is better to strengthen the kinship and friendship ties than continuously shed tears for the traitor.
Do not try to call her husband's mistress and all possible ways to seek her out. Easier on you it will not - contrary to communicate with someone who breaks your family will bring you a lot of additional distress. If you start to beg her to leave a loved one alone, to give it to you and leave his children fatherless, crying – it is with great pleasure tell you all about your spouse. Deprive her of such opportunities to expose themselves in front of your husband in a favorable light – to quickly curb a growing desire "to see this arrogant bitch in the eye," nothing good is not over. If she will call you and provide details of intimate encounters with your husband, try not to react to her attacks with retaliatory insults and threats from you she wants.

Advice 2 : How to behave with your husband's mistress

Even calm, cool-headed woman certainly is a shock, learning that her husband has a mistress. To say nothing of the temperamental, emotional ladies. Betrayed wife often feels a strong temptation to punish the opponent, up to the battering. In human terms this is understandable. But we should also make adjustments in your life.
How to behave with your husband's mistress
If you want to keep the family together, you need to calm down and decide how to behave with her husband's mistress, to eventually win over it a victory? The main rule: don't go on about the emotions! Emotions can push you to actions that you will cause harm. Therefore, no matter how difficult, try to pull yourself together.
Do not stoop to having to physically deal with her husband's mistress. First, it's just not civilised. Second, it can be stronger and then you will suffer, and its actions will be regarded as legitimate self-defence. Thirdly, you can be prosecuted. Finally, you will look in the eyes of her husband's angry, jealous drama Queen.
We should not profane mistress, spreading slander about her. And especially don't try to soften it, claiming that it breaks the family. Even if the mistress will experience embarrassment, awkwardness, hardly she decides to terminate the relationship with your husband. After all, a woman dreams of personal happiness. Besides, she can fend off your accusations, complaints compelling argument: "it's her fault, it would be my husband spending time with you, you would not change a thing!!"
Defeat the mistress of her own weapon. Try to find an answer to the main question: why all this happened cheating husband, what is a mistress better than you? Honestly and impartially assess your appearance, analyze their behaviour (including in the intimate sphere of life). Even if a mistress younger and more beautiful you – don't despair, you can still improve.
If your figure is "broke", do some exercise, adjust the diet, removing from the diet fatty foods and sweets. Pick up the original hairstyle, makeup, update your wardrobe. Resolutely refuse shapeless robes and a broken home sneakers, even if they are very comfortable. Husband needs to see in you the interesting, beautiful woman.
If you have treated intimacy as marital debt, no wonder your husband has a mistress. Try to behave in bed more relaxed, freely. Find and read literature on the subject of sex, if possible go for consultation to the sexologist.
If you were too demanding, bossy, picky, "suppressed" husband, make radical adjustments in their behavior. Take care of yourself, try to become more relaxed, flexible, and friendly. And then sooner or later the husband will make a choice between you and the mistress are in your favor.

Advice 3 : How to throw a brazen mistress

The relationship between the two lovers sooner or later come to a standstill. At this time, men are looking for different ways of parting with his ex-girlfriend, but some girls act so brazenly, so stop with this, any connection can be difficult.
How to throw a brazen mistress

The main steps of the rupture with his mistress

If you're Dating a girl who behaves very impudently, brings you no joy and only ruins your life, you better break that relationship, even if you love this woman. This can be difficult, but still quite possible.

Start to convince yourself that you will never be with this person, and your relationship will end sooner or later. Get ready for that soon you will be alone, and your blatant passion will become just another memory of the past.

Understand that your affair was not love, but a disease that, thankfully, is nearing completion. Don't change your decision and do not let the girl chances of reconnecting with you. You and she must understand that the gap will be final. Keep the situation under control.

Of course, your love for the arrogant lady knows no boundaries, you look at her with warmth and tenderness and do not notice any disadvantages. Try to soberly assess the situation. Look at the man with new eyes. Surely, if you can cast your feelings aside, you will discover a completely different picture. Ahead you will see a selfish woman, not capable of genuine relationships.

Watch out for their behavior and the things you say about your partner. You should not make plans for the future and give her the vows of eternal love and fidelity. Let your meetings be short, and conversations do not affect the two of you and your future.

Try to communicate with the mistress otherwise. Stop giving her presents, writing sweet messages, and call to ask about her chores. It should be noted that you began to see herself as a close and dear person, and only sexual object.

Tough measures

When you are mentally prepared for the fact that the relationship with his mistress are ready to stop, assign her to meet and talk heart to heart. Explain that you can't and don't want to spend time with her, you should break up. Arrogant girls rarely accept such phrases and irksome ex-lovers, constant calls and letters. Do not be tempted and don't answer her. You can change your phone number or even a place to live. Remember that any, even a casual meeting able again to take you back to your ailing relationship. Think in advance what you'll do if ex will start to chase you. Only radical and tough measures will help you to return to a quiet life.
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