Advice 1: How can I not think about her husband's mistress

Cheating husband – the most painful betrayal for loving woman. From tearing apart the soul the pain associated with infidelity men are not so easy to get rid of. Do not think about the treacherous rival in love is much harder.
How can I not think about her husband's mistress
Do not allow to develop inferiority complex on the basis of campaigns of your spouse "left." Throw away thoughts about what you lost the appeal, so your spouse was forced to pay attention to other women. On the contrary - he's not worthy of you, since I have done that to him a loving and faithful woman. So we should not compare himself with his mistress to think about what it is and what it better than you.
Much more appropriate for you in this situation would be completely different behavior. Take care of yourself – in every sense of the word. Sign up for courses that were not available to you due to the constant lack of time (you spent on gourmet dinners for my husband and the Laundry). Choose a sport – morning run up to labor day, and yoga will soothe, distract from Intrusive thoughts about his mistress. Often meet friends and family – it is better to strengthen the kinship and friendship ties than continuously shed tears for the traitor.
Do not try to call her husband's mistress and all possible ways to seek her out. Easier on you it will not - contrary to communicate with someone who breaks your family will bring you a lot of additional distress. If you start to beg her to leave a loved one alone, to give it to you and leave his children fatherless, crying – it is with great pleasure tell you all about your spouse. Deprive her of such opportunities to expose themselves in front of your husband in a favorable light – to quickly curb a growing desire "to see this arrogant bitch in the eye," nothing good is not over. If she will call you and provide details of intimate encounters with your husband, try not to react to her attacks with retaliatory insults and threats from you she wants.

Advice 2: What to do with her husband's mistress

For any normal woman to know that her husband has a mistress – a severe shock. A deceived husband is experiencing a storm of feelings: a burning resentment, anger, desire for revenge and his mistress, and her husband. This is understandable and natural, because there is hardly a girl who will perceive betrayal with the cold-blooded calm.
What to do with her husband's mistress
If you found out that your husband has a lover, try first to calm the emotions. No need to throw a tantrum, scandal. Sit down and calmly think about it: if you want to keep the family together? Often, in spite of the offense, the woman still loves her husband and doesn't want to ruin the family unit.
In any case, do not resort to the help of various "wizards", "hereditary magicians and other charlatans, promising an absolute guarantee lapel or put a curse on the other woman. Remember that you simply throw money to the wind.
Busting the desire to physically deal with the mistress of the husband, even if everything inside is boiling with anger, and his hands are so itchy to "teach the bitch". Do not stoop to insults rozluchnytsi not humiliate myself in her eyes, and especially in the eyes of her husband! Be wise woman.
Similarly, we should not take revenge on lover's wife in more subtle ways. For example, to disseminate discrediting information, especially among her relatives, friends and acquaintances. Especially don't call her, don't threaten. In most cases it will only lead to further cooling of the husband and his distancing from you.
Do not press on pity, trying to explain to her how wrong and unworthy she arrives, taking away from family a married man. In the best case, the lover would be embarrassed, even feel a certain remorse. Remember that she may laugh at you with malevolent triumph.
Try again become for the spouse the very best, beloved, beautiful and desirable woman in the world. For that, look to the mistress, and objectively. Do your best to find the answer to the question: "What does he see in her that I don't have me?" And act depending on the answer. Maybe you need to be a little nicer, sexier. Remember: family happiness is in your hands.
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