Give a name to your song. Look around you, look to everyday life, the names of the songs can be veiled in romantic movies, people talking, commercials, road maps, magazines ... However, remember that the most striking song titles are a reflection of those feelings that the author himself is experiencing currently or have experienced in the past. This is understandable, deeply personal songs are always heartfelt, poetic, poignant. Their beautiful names attract attention, evoke strong emotions and intrigue. And if, moreover, affect the lives of famous people, that have, as a rule, commercial success.
Start writing actually removenode text. Note that it needs to tell a story about love and to convey the appropriate feelings and emotions to the listener. Ideally, to evoke audience response feelings, empathy or joy. Here the task of the songwriter is to write words that wants to hear the other person and he wants to say to the object of his love, makes him similar feelings. There is no limit to imagination of man. It may be the joy of a new relationship, the pain of a breakup with a beloved, betrayal, the search for reciprocity, the disappointment in your choice and hope for a new great love. Please note that the writing process can help with a special program that helps to rhyme words.
Edit written work, carefully reading the poem and deleting far-fetched or naive comparisons and tautological combinations. Remember that a verse is considered to be polished just in case, even if without music in it, one can distinctly hear the rhythm.
Write music to the words of your song. Please remember that the tune should allow you to say an equal number of words in each line. And the tone of the melody must respond to the emotional mood of the poem.