First of all, does not need to radically deal with stucco, which was made to decorate walls and ceilings in the Soviet past. Typically, these patterns were made of real plaster and very high quality, and so current owners will long owners of this unique decor element that will fit perfectly in such important styles as Scandinavian, modern, contemporary or French classic. In addition, the complex elements of the old Soviet stucco can affect the value of the home in the event of sale.

Parquet flooring — another element of style from the past with which the experts do not recommend a hurry to leave. Currently, the parquet floor is a luxurious style accessory because of their high cost. Battered by time flooring it is best not to remove and refurbish, allowing the housing to retain the charm and unique atmosphere. Highly valued in the environment of the modern interior and carpets of the Soviet type, as evidenced by the assortment of leading centers. Carpets of the Soviet type is introduced not only in the popular Scandinavian style, but in the room, decorated in the Provence style or ethnic.

In addition, like so much else in the Soviet Union, this flooring was produced in accordance with strict quality standards. Care should be taken to the Soviet chandeliers, especially if the elements are made from natural stone or crystal. Cumbersome and tasteless these chandeliers often look only in the frame of the Soviet style, but it is necessary to move them in contemporary interiors, classic, French, retro or Gothic focus and they become a real decoration of the room.

Second chance deserve old technical devices: radiograms, gramophones, sewing machines, machines for printing and much more. Even if the owners no longer intend to use the object as intended, it may become a stylish and bright accessory in almost any decor.