You will need
  • - sidewalk tile or stone;
  • - sand;
  • - outdoor furniture;
  • - lighting;
  • plants;
  • - grill;
  • - canopy or gazebo.
Details plan design. Measure the area of the yard and draw a plan where you check all the sizes. Consider the location of doors and Windows of the house, the direction of light, which they come.
The patio on the South side it is advisable to lightly shade a wooden pergola. If the Northern side, it is desirable to keep the whole falling back sunlight. Recreation area on the West or East side to shade only when the sun bothers you. Consider the installation of a folding table with a parasol in the middle.
For greater comfort mark by using the ropes and pegs of the courtyard space according to your plan. If you don't want to arrange on-site rest area pond, fountain, Alpine slide and multistage beds, flatten the entire area.
Along the fence for more comfort plant climbing plants or tall shrub, fruit. The remaining area of the pour sand and lay the paving slabs, stone or other material, suitable for finishing outdoors. Decorate the edges of curbs or put a pretty low fence that separated the flowerbeds and plants from the paved surface.
If you want to relax with the family, eating meals cooked on your own grill, make a small barbecue. At a sufficiently spacious area, you can build a stationary hearth and a stone gazebo. Ensure that plants were at a distance from the grill not less than 1.5-2 meters.
The entrance to the gazebo and leave it open for you to carry the dishes and food. With three other parties to put climbing vines of wild grapes that are beautifully will entwine them.
Don't forget to light up a patio for a comfortable stay in the dark. Pick up special lights and lamps for street lighting, made in the same style. Along the track can be done in subdued light, and in the gazebo – more intense.
It remains only to put the right furniture for a comfortable stay. Note on wicker, wrought iron, plastic or wooden kits for street use. The price of these products is very different, so choose the best option for you in terms of cost and quality.