The most famous expert who has been studying the effects of colors on the mental state of people Max Luscher. He identified four psycho people based on their color preferences.

Color personality types

Red psycho

People who prefer the red, very active, they can be compared with the "eternal engine". They usually are constantly in the excitement and love that state. In the result of the stress they often feel nervous exhaustion and irritation.

Yellow psycho

People of this type is very important in their personal freedom and opportunities for self-actualization. They love experiments, let us not fear changes in life. Because of their independence they often feel insufficiently loved and lost.

Blue psycho

For these people very important in my life is the relaxed pace of life, they love the peace and tranquility. Due to the fact that they prefer "straight existence", without surprises and unplanned actions, these people are often bored and feel alienated being around people who love them.

Green psycho

People of this temperament are fond of to manage the situation and themselves. They calculate in advance the developments, you know, what they want and they are ready to give. Spontaneity is not included in the list of their qualities. For these people it is important how they look in the eyes of others and they will use this opportunity to raise their status.