You will need
  • - sky map.
To learn how to find the sky constellation, you will need a sky map. It is most convenient to print it on a piece of paper, so she was in front of your eyes. There are computer maps of the sky, the so-called program-planetarium. For example, you can download a free program called StarCalc, showing a starry sky on the current or any desired date.
A very good version of the map of the sky is present in the astrological program ZET. You can download online its demo option to explore the starry sky it is enough. This option can be called one of the best in terms of convenience. Install and run the program, select the menu "Screen" - "the Sky". You will see the sky map with the constellations marked, you will be able to rotate it with the mouse, zoom in or zoom out.
Start exploring the starry sky with the North star. She is the tip of the handle of the little dipper. In turn, the North star easy to find if you know the Big dipper. Draw a straight line through the two stars (α and β URSA major), one of which is the junction of the handle with the bucket, and the second is the bottom of the bucket. The line should lead from the bottom of the bucket. Estimate the distance between the two stars of the dipper approximately five such distances and look for the North star. Find it very easy: find that star once, you never lose.
Studying and learning to find the Big Dipper and Small Dipper, look at the map of the sky in what place concerning them is the constellation Cassiopeia. Remember it is very simple, it appears in the shape of the letter W. the Closest to the South find the constellations Taurus and Gemini. In winter one can see very well the constellation of Orion – seeing once, you will never forget. To the left of Orion, the three stars of his belt, almost at the horizon in the East you will see the famous Sirius, or alpha of the constellation Canis major. On the other side of the belt of Orion to find the star cluster Pleiades.
This way you will be able to find all the other constellations you are interested in. Remember their location and the names of the most famous stars. Spending on the study of the starry sky a few nights, you will be free to navigate the constellations and can, on occasion, to talk about them to your friends and acquaintances.