You will need
  • - sandpaper;
  • - clear primer;
  • - clear varnish for wood;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • Wallpaper;
  • glue.
First you need to get rid of the old varnish and paint to remove them, use an eccentric grinding machine. Instead, you can take sandpaper with coarse and fine grit. First, soak the surface with water stool and go over the "skin" №80, gradually moving to "the sandpaper" No. 320. A smooth transition will provide you with complete removal of the old coating. To get rid of varnish and paint in hard to reach areas, use a chisel or knife.
Remove job to clean the stool from sticking flakes of old coating. Now the surface can be processed transparent primer tool so you can see the texture of wood. Varnish also choose transparent, you can take matte or glossy. Apply the first coat and let it dry completely, then apply a second.
When all layers of varnish is completely dry, begin to decorate the stool. You would have to change the upholstery. Cut out a piece of cloth that will match in size with the old matter. For the lining you will need a new piece of foam which should be put in place of the old. Pull the fabric to the foam and small nails or staples fasten from the back side of the seat.
You can make painting on the surface of the stool. This will be especially beautiful to look at devoid of an upholstery seat. Paint for painting it is better to take acrylic, which is very well kept and has a bright intense color.
Use the stencils to the ornament was smooth and symmetrical. Templates can be cut by yourself from unnecessary heavy paper. If you accidentally make a mistake, quickly rinse off paint or cleaned up the wrong place the cotton swab, otherwise the acrylic will harden. Frequently rinse the brush.
Very simple to decorate a stool in the technique of decoupage. Cut out unnecessary Wallpaper beautiful patterns. Roller top work surface thin and even layer of decoupage glue. Attach the patterns of Wallpaper on the stool, gently flatten the surface to avoid creases and bubbles. Wait until glue dries, then apply a coat of varnish.