The so-called shutter glasses with LCD lenses are special flaps that help to form a 3D image, are the most common on the market. Some of the "representatives" of this type of glasses from the company Nvdia – Nvidia 3D-Vision. There are two versions of these devices – 3d vision (wired USB) and 3d vision 2 (wireless). 3d-vision-usb plug into a special hub. Then press and hold the power button on the glasses. Wait until the hub on the glasses the power button turns green, or wait until connection is established.
Make sure that the glasses are synchronized. Go to the Nvidia control panel and go to 3D-Vision-Pro. If the actions were successful, the figure will be displayed points. Now they are fully prepared to work. Run any app or movie. The second type of points requires a special monitor that supports 3D Vision. To enable the device, simply click on the little button on the right side. Glasses work, and now you want to include 3Dи on the computer. To get started, install the latest drivers from Nvidia, deleting the old one. Next go to control panel Nvidiaи activate the 3D mode.
Glasses from Samsung are also suitable for TV's D-series. They turn on automatically as soon as you wear them. But you need to make mates. Take the sunglasses, move to a distance not more than 50 cm from the TV and press the pairing button for a few seconds. The device will turn on and begin the pairing process. On successful pairing you will be informed on the TV screen. If failed, the glasses will turn off automatically. After that you can again repeat the pairing process.Also don't forget to configure the 3D function on the TV.