You will need
  • - wood for finishing;
  • - Lac;
  • - nails;
  • - mounting studs;
  • - screws;
  • level;
  • - plumb
  • - the range;
  • - a joiner's tool.
Select the design of the stairs. Plating metal frame tree is performed in different ways: with podstupennikov without them, with wooden railings and balusters or metal railings. To the construction was personable, fully stitch welded the frame, completing all the finishing elements of the wooden ladder.
Decide what will be the material for the steps. For decoration use different kinds of wood: ash, beech, oak, larch, pine. The main rule – to the top of the steps (pads) should take a material that is resistant to wear. For this fit, ash, beech and oak. For finishing the vertical gaps between the steps, use laminated oak or an array of softer rocks. If the ladder will be closed and carpeted, pine or spruce will be the appropriate choice.
Prepare the shell elements. Adjust the material to the size of the frame so that there were no gaps. To do this, the wood of the steps, pre-measured and number each of them.
Choose the type of balustrade. Performing a protective function, the handrail on the steps is a spectacular element of decoration stair - it defines the first impression of the design. Since railings come in different sections, choose the most comfortable for your hand. Also, very important is the location of the balusters on the stairs. You can make between them an interval of 220 mm, 130 mm or 90 mm. Install them at a distance of at least 130 mm is the optimum gap when the width of the stage.
Install wooden elements. Secure the top part of the stage with screws. Then tightly abut the podstupennikov in the frame and also lock. Do the same along the entire length of the structure. The edges of the steps from the beginning to the end of the staircase, place the posts and balusters. Check their vertical position, lock the elements of the special studs, and install them on the railing.
Sew the frame completely. Close the side stairs wooden panel, carved in the form of steps. To decorate metal marches back part of the structure, use the same panel or plasterboard. This work is carried out after the plating steps and the execution podstupennikov. Apply the varnish on all the wood elements of the stairs.