You will need
  • methodological developments in selected activity;
  • - the model or the authoring program;
  • - indicative costs;
  • - list of materials and equipment.
Find out what clubs there are in nearby schools, institutions of culture and additional education. Decide what you would like to teach children. What it is is a circle and on a contingent calculated, depends on organizational form.
If you want to teach classmates of your daughter to sew or knit, a circle can be arranged directly in the class. Talk with the class teacher. On this mug you can say about as a family club. With the permission of the Director you will be given the opportunity a couple times a week to take a class. To attract students, you will need just to hang in the school announcement. Of course, in this form of organization of classes should be free and also safe. It can be a circle drawing, origami, paper sculpture, needlework, etc., i.e. that it is not costly and does not pose any danger to the health of children. Tourism or mountaineering in the circle is unlikely to exist in such a form, because there the teacher requires special training.
Documentation requirements family circle at the club is not particularly high. You need to determine its purpose and to make a rough lesson plan. In the plan identify topics, content summary, and the number of hours on each. Note also, what exhibitions or concerts you are going to participate and when. This can be included in the plan of extracurricular activities in the school.
Club for a broader range of students preferred to create with any cultural institution or further education. Refer to the head. Explain what you want and what conditions you will work your circle. In education, it can become part of the overall structure. In the institutions of culture circles most often are created in terms of self-sufficiency.
For the circle with the establishment of additional education you will need to draw common to such institutions the documents. In every house of children's creativity has its own nuances, but you'll definitely need is a program. The program can be downloaded model, for many types of groups they are. Develop based on it its working. Keep in mind the age of the children, the number of allotted hours. Don't forget to reflect participation in competitions and exhibitions, these hours are also included in the total class time. The rest is the concern of the head of the institution.
The fate of the circle with the cultural institution decides the Director of a recreation center. Here the less strict requirements for registration documentation. You will be required work plan and the attendance log. Make a budget. Usually requires a fixed payment of rent, and everything else depends on you. Keep in mind the cost of materials, etc.
You can create children's circle even in his apartment. For this you need to register with the tax authorities as individual entrepreneur and specify permitted activities "educational services". Pedagogical activity of physical persons in Russian legislation is not regulated. So you can teach the children interesting and useful case absolutely free if you do not need to give them documents about the end. By the way, as an individual entrepreneur you can organize the children's circle brand in any institution that agrees to rent the premises.