Ask the airline staff during check-in to provide for you at the beginning of the cabin. In front of them not are chairs, so you will be able to stretch my legs. Remember that these places are very popular, so to get them, must arrive at the airport to check in for the flight. In addition, some airlines provide the service for booking a specific seat for an additional fee.
Do leg exercises during the flight. Pull the legs to pull your toes, then relax them. Turn the feet in different directions, this will prevent stagnation of blood in the extremities.
Walk in the cabin during periods when it is not prohibited. During take-off and landing take a position, in which legs are stretched to the maximum, change the position of the limbs every 10 minutes.
Select for comfortable travel shoes without leather straps and tight laces. At the time of take-off and landing take off your shoes, don't forget to grab socks in the cabin is not as clean as it seems at first glance.
Use special compression stockings. They are not very comfortable and warm but due to the pressure on the calves and ankles they do not allow liquid to stagnate in the feet.
If you are traveling with a company and your place in the plane located near, put your feet up on the forward seat or put them on their knees companion for a few minutes, this will help to reduce swelling. Make sure you do not interfere with other passengers.
Use cooling gel for legs, many manufacturers of cosmetics for pregnant release these funds, but they are suitable for all categories of citizens. Remember that some of them have an odor.
Try to drink less fluid before a long journey, in cramped circumstances.
Drink a mild diuretic. If you have no problems with the urinary system, good help infusion of bearberry. You can also drink coffee, it has a weak diuretic action and displays the excess fluid.
Do not eat salty before the flight.