The increase of the Charter Fund may be carried out at the expense of the property reserves of the company. In this case, you need to hold a shareholders ' meeting. On the agenda will be the topic for additional capital contributions.
The results of the meeting will be issued in the form of a Protocol. It specify the amount of the contribution method and the need to increase the Fund. Also redistribute between the shareholders share. Consider the question of amending the Charter of the company.
Prepare a package of documents for registration of amendments associated with the increase in share capital. Fill in the application form No. Р13001 and No. Р14001. Remember that to sign them should the head of the organization in the presence of a notary.
Make a new version of the company's Charter or to make changes on a separate sheet. The package of support documents and minutes of the meeting of shareholders of the company.
Make a copy of the balance sheet for the previous year. Seal information seal, write "true Copy" and sign at the head.
Pay the state fee in the Bank branch, the receipt and attach to the package of documents. Submit the entire folder no later than one month from the date of any change in the authorized capital.
If you want to increase the share capital by third parties, please read the Charter company, because it may contain a restriction to such operations. If not, obtain from the person a statement confirming the desire to contribute. This document must specify the size of the contribution, the procedure for its payment and the amount of a desired share in the share capital.
In the same way as in the first case, you have to hold a meeting of shareholders and to decide on the increase of capital and the distribution of shares between participants.
Then within six months from the date of the decision the person must make contributions to the Fund. Prepare a package of documents for registration of changes. Its composition is the same as in the first case, but here attached are also documents confirming full payment of the Deposit.