Advice 1: How to draw a person's colors

To draw a portrait of a person will fit a variety of paint - watercolor, acrylic, gouache, tempera, oil. Depending on what material you choose will change the technique of working on the portrait.
How to draw a person's colors
You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - brush;
  • - colors.
  • - the palette.
Make a sketch. If you are going to paint a portrait in watercolor, acrylic or gouache, sketch, you can draw a simple pencil. Before working in color pencil lines will need to lighten with the eraser. If you prefer tempera or oil paints, the painting will have to start with the underpainting. Sketch the work in pencil on a separate sheet, calculate the proportions of a human. Shift these calculations on paper or canvas.
Underpainting for tempera portrait do a touch of distemper, which is in all elements of the picture. The shade should be bright so that it can subsequently enhance or override. For oil painting underpainting would be easier to do with acrylic paints. Please indicate the main shapes of the figure and apply the drop shadow.
A method of operating a color depends on paint you choose. If it's watercolor, thinned acrylic or gouache to paint the picture need a paint bucket. Start with areas of the body that are not covered by clothing. Determine the lightest shade which is visible on the skin. Mix the same in the palette. Try immediately are mixed enough paint to have enough for the pattern and not have to re-choose a combination of colors.
Then create the cast shadow on the skin. A wide brush, spread the first color pattern. When it dries a bit, apply a spot of shade. In the same way pour the clothes of the person. Then paint the face using the brush smaller. Not pririsovyvat face until the end, you just apply the main shade and partial shade on the cheeks, temples, chin, next to nose.
Take a thin brush and draw all the shades and their own shadows on the torso and the head. It is important not only to convey the form of the body, but also to consider how the colors change as clothes and leather. They affect the color of each other, so the red shirt, for example, the shadows will be noticeable blue pants. But on the face will be warm reddish reflex from the shirt.
Below the drawing was alive, don't forget about glare. On the skin they do not always appear, but the hair and the eyes definitely need to leave no shaded area of white paper.
When working with tempera you have to create great fills, and work "from a piece". That is completely small strokes to draw one plot, and only then move on to the next. If you draw the person with oil paints, pay attention to the degree of transparency of colors that you are going to mix. This information is on the packaging of paint. This is especially important when selecting colour – if you mix transparent with opaque paint, the color will turn out heavy, unnatural.

Advice 2: How to paint with acrylic paints on clothing

Many people want to wear clothes that accentuate their individuality, help to Express the inner world. Of course, this is hard to find in stores. But if you are even a little know how to draw, then easily create their own unique things, simply causing the image on the fabric.
How to paint with acrylic paints on clothing
You will need
  • - acrylic paint
  • - plain clothes,
  • - brush
  • - heavy paper or cardboard,
  • - adhesive paper,
  • - pins
  • - Scotch
  • fabric
  • - iron.
To start with the paint. The particular choice depends on how exactly you are going to draw. If you plan to do a stencil pattern on it, buy the paint in spray can. Such acrylic paint will go on smoother fabric. If you are going to use the fabric as a canvas and create a masterpiece from it, please note the paints in tubes and jars. You will also need brushes of different thickness and thinner, because the thick paint will not allow you to draw delicate lines.
Find yourself a well ventilated area. This is especially relevant advice for those who will draw paint from a container. Prepare yourself a flat, level surface where it will be possible without problems to make your chosen quality canvas thing.
In clothing under the place where you will be drawing, it is better to invest a piece of thick paper or even cardboard, so that paint does not leak and is not imprinted on the reverse side of things.
If you paint a stencil, it would be optimal to cut it out of adhesive paper. So you can be sure that during application of the first coat of paint, the stencil will not shift, and the pattern is not deformed. If adhesive paper at hand was not, try to fix the stencil firmly with pins and tape.
If you draw by hand before proceeding to the coating clothing with acrylic paints, apply a simple pencil outlines of your drawing. Do not put the paint in a thick layer then it will be a very long wait until the picture dries. Better put light brush strokes in several layers.
Once you have completed your masterpiece and it is completely dry, the pattern must be sustained. To do this, it progladte iron, placing it between the picture and the sole plate is a sheet of paper or cut tissue. Now your unique clothes you can wear!

Advice 3: What's the easiest way to draw a person

The image of a person will not cause difficulties if you draw, proportioning. They affect not only the body but also the human face. It is important to sketch step by step – first create the schema, and then to give it shape.
What's the easiest way to draw a person

The image of a man

Put a sheet of paper vertically. Departing from the upper and lower boundaries at 2 cm, draw a vertical line. Divide it into 8 parts by nine horizontal lines.

Between the first upper and the second position the head. To do this, draw a vertical oval. The head occupied the upper gap. The remaining 7 will fall on the body and legs. These are the proportions of an adult male.

In the second and third interval on top make an outline of his body from neck to waist. The second will draw the neck, then shoulders. Draw upper arms to the armpits. In the third period make a sketch of the human body from the armpits to the waist.

Fourth, the proportion from the waist to the groin part. Fifth – it nearly to the top of the knees. The sixth ends with the bottom of your knees. It falls on the seventh calf, the eighth – on the lower part of the calf to the feet.

Arms and hands draw from the shoulders to the sixth horizontal line, that is, they end up at the bottom of the fifth part of the scheme.

Now go back to the circle. Divide it into 3 parts with four lines. On the border of the first and second lines to draw the eye. Above them the eyebrows. The second part is the nose. Draw a vertical line on either side of it put two dots are nostrils. In the middle third part of the draw of the lips. Draw the ears on the side, they are located on the line of the nose.

Erase the auxiliary lines. Draw over the schematic image of a man his clothes, and on his head is hair.

How to draw a woman

If you learn how to draw the man wants the child, then he would depict a woman. First, you need to draw a circle is the head. Let portray it 2 eyes, a straight nose and a mouth. Next, you need to put in the lower middle part of the head point. It's the pinnacle of an acute isosceles triangle. Let draws this figure. This dress women.

At the top of the triangle, on either side, you need to hold two lines – the hands of a lady. From the base of the triangle out 2 straight lines and legs.

A grown man can draw a woman more realistically. Make a face oval, round or triangular. In the latter case, a bit pointed to draw the chin and the upper part of the head may be rounded.

As in the previous case, divide the outline oval of the face into 3 parts. The eyes consist of two lines – the top and bottom of the arc. Eyebrows the same shape as the upper eyelid. It will draw fluffy eyelashes. The nose, draw an inverted letter "G". Lips – in the form of eight, are arranged horizontally. Separate the upper from the lower lip with a semicircular line, 2 extreme points which are raised, that the person was not sad.

Body paint in the same pattern as males, but the shoulders make narrower and hips rounded. Clothe the girl in a dress. Emphasize the lower part of the chest by means of two semicircular lines, the ends of which lift upwards. Draw the curls.

Erase unnecessary construction lines that give the portrait of juiciness using paint.

Advice 4: How to draw a comet with a pencil in stages?

Comets have always excited the imagination of people. This looks strange star with a tail appeared from nowhere in the sky. So thought the inhabitants of the Earth, that comets foretell them all sorts of misfortune. Now astronomers warn of the approach of such space guests, but the comet did not neither less mysterious nor less beautiful.
The comet is more like a ball with a tail

Space guest

The word "comet" (in some Slavic peoples into a "Kamet") in Greek means "hairy star". That is, it is a star, consisting of two parts – body and tail, and the tails can be several. To draw the visitor from the depths of space a solid start with a simple pencil. The sheet lay as you wish. To start drawing step by step, put somewhere closer to the center of the sheet point.
You can first sketch out the direction of the tail, and then to determine the position of the other parts. The tail is a curve of arbitrary shape.

Draw the ball

The comet is usually drawn in the form of a star, but it is not necessary. Around the point draw a circle. Many space objects have the shape of a ball, so why comet can't be that? From the ball leaves the tail or more – divergent curves, one of which may be longer than others.
On the sketch it is enough to indicate only the outline of the tail.

Draw a comet paints

Stars are usually visible at night, in the dark sky. If you paint with watercolors, start with a fill – moisten the sheet with water using a foam sponge, being careful not to go beyond the contours of the comet. Pour a sheet of black or dark blue paint can also use a sponge or a soft wide brush. Let the sheet dry. Comet draw a white, bluish, yellow or silver paint.

Shaggy star

Most often the comet drawing in the form of a star. The number of rays may be any of the four. To draw a four-pointed star, draw a cross. It can be both direct and oblique. At each end draw an arrow, continuing each line until the intersection with coming from a different angle.

You can also draw a classic five-pointed star. A Christmas card should be six-pointed star. That it turned out, first draw a cross, and then through the intersection point spend another line. At the ends draw the arrows the same way as when you draw a four-pointed star. As for the tail, it is a curved line that starts at a small distance from the body of the comet.

Draw with pastels

If you have a velvet paper and pastel crayons, you do not need to pour paint background. Select a sheet of black or dark blue. Draw a circle or a star on the dark sheet, it is best to draw a white pencil, but you can just fine. Paint the body of the comet. The tail can draw longitudinal or cross strokes without making a preliminary sketch.
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