Prepare to knit a flat wooden or bone needle (can be metal, but not with a very sharp end). The ear should be broad, so that through him you were able to stretch a thick yarn.
The General meaning of knitting is. First you use the needle vymazat chain the desired length, then connect the last loop of the chain from the first receive ring of a certain diameter. Binding will be in a circle, as usually knitted socks or mittens. To the resulting ring of the first row you add second row, then third, and so on And so on until the required length.
If in this way you will be knitting mittens, don't forget to leave a thumb hole. And if you think to make socks, you will have divided the circle into three parts and one third does not knit round, and add the desired number of rows for the heel. When the heel will be connected back to knitting in a circle.
Take for a start not a very long thread (let it be, for example, to 0.5 m long). Pull it in the eye of a needle. At the end of the thread make a knot, without tightening it. You should have a ring in diameter as your thumb.
Push that ring with the thumb of the left hand to the index finger so that the short end of the thread was on the right and a long left thumb. Take the long end and wrap it once around my thumb. Working thread is now located to the left of the thumb. Take it and pinch your fingers in the palm.
So now you have two loops: the front is on the big toe, and the rear beneath him and pressed to the index finger. Pass the needle in back loop, front right side of the nail of the thumb. Then turn the needle and insert it in the front left loop and under the working thread.
Reset the front loop back with the tip of the thumb and press it together with the first loop. To tighten the noose very much not worth it, otherwise your knitting will be too tight.
The needle get to the end. You on a thumb formed a new front loop. Again pass the needle in back loop, turn it, and thread in front and under the working thread. Drop that loop back and form a new front loop on your finger. Knitting a chain of loops it is necessary to continue to the desired length.
Then connect the last and first loop of the chain into a circle. The connection press the thumb to the forefinger. From the working yarn, which, as before, is to the left of the big toe, do a front loop.
Needle with thread pull from front to back through the first and last loops of the first row, turn the needle and pass it to the left and under the working thread. Flush front thread back and then repeat all the way when knitting the first row, each time grabbing one loop of the previous row.
When you run out of thread, it will have to extend. To do this, divide in half end of the thread that is ending and a new thread. Split the thread ends, insert one into the other, hold them between your palms and RUB until then, until they are matted into one. After that you can continue knitting.