You will need
  • - polypropylene yarn;
  • hook №3,5-4.
Enter 60 loops and provarite 3 rows of simple columns. This will be the "handle loop" from one side of the washcloth. Then, without cutting the thread, make a chain of 40 loops, and tie her tail in a circle. Follow these 5 simple rows in a column involving the two sides, "a pen loop" to the edge of the washcloth.
Now move on to knitting the main part, which is performed with a viscous elongated loops. Previously try to knit loops of this type on the sample, so not to spoil the conceived thing. Moreover, here you just need to adjust simultaneously hold the hook and at the same time pulling the loop. The hook is normally held with three fingers of the right hand index, thumb and middle, and the working thread is behind the product. Knitting elongated loops have to "sacrifice" the middle finger, which will throw a loop.
Take the hook forefinger and thumb, follow the middle finger yo thread and, holding her ring finger, at the same time make a simple column. The rest of the loop follow the same pattern. Following a number provarite without extended loops – simple columns. First, there is no need to knit such a large number of "Cucaracha", and secondly, each subsequent row of simple columns strengthens the elongated loop so that they are not subsequently deformed (not stretched and, conversely, not drawn in sponges).
The length of the washcloth each defines for himself. Very convenient is the size of a palm. In this case, this bath accessory can be used simply by wearing on the hand as a mitten. However, you can purl and a much larger number of rows, and then the product will traditional elongated form. After vyvazhivanija main part again provarite 5 rows of simple columns (without loops). Without taking the thread dial 60 of the stitches, clip the last one on the opposite edge of the washcloth. Provarite in the "handle loop" 3 rows of simple columns. Every last column do involving the handle to the edge of the washcloth.