You will need
  • - registration in social networks;
  • check on the websites offering online earnings.
Earn services likes. Sign up for one of these sites. Specify and authorize gmail-mail and your profiles in social networks "Vkontakte", Google+ and Facebook. Enter the number of the purse "Yandex.Money." Perform tasks, liking, subscribing to a public page or joining the group. Get money into the balance of your account. Once your account is 50 rubles and more, you can bring them to the purse, having "Yandex.Money."
If your hobby is photography, and in your Arsenal has a lot of good photos, sell pictures on the photostocks. Sometimes online banks pictures present system of entrance test, select the best photos from your portfolio, you can upload them and get the approval of the moderators. If necessary, get virtual wallet on the Western payment service (, Translate foreign currency (dollars) in rubles with the help of special services of the exchange, if necessary, and send money to your purse in system "Yandex.Money."
Become a dealer of the ruble cards of different value systems "Yandex.Money." Go to the page "Yandex.Money" and then scrolling down click on the link "Partners". "Future dealers of cards Yandex.Money" read the information and get the cards by paying for them. Sell them at a slightly inflated price to cover costs and to make profit.
Upload files to file sharing services that pay money for the number of downloads. Such file sharing can be and Gonna load up several files, do not forget to add a description to them. Put files on several different popular sites. When the file sharing will accumulate sufficient funds for the withdrawal, return them to the available budget. If you need to exchange funds from another payment system "Yandex.Money."
Participate in paid surveys on dedicated survey sites. Sign up and confirm the registration. In the presence of the survey you will receive an invitation by e-mail. Participate in it by reading contained in the invitation information to participate. Print money on your wallet, putting it in the profile.
If you are a fine one to Express thoughts, try yourself as a copywriter or rewriter on the stock exchanges of articles, for example, or Do the proposed tasks and the minimum amount for withdrawal withdrawal earned the purse "Yandex.Money."
Register on the sites of mutual aid — or Helping people and completing tasks, for example, for the translation and typing, posting messages, you will earn money which will then also be able to withdraw e-wallet.