You will need
  • account in the system Yandex.Money
  • – personal mailbox
  • – mobile number and access to it
Explore the market of postal services that provide the opportunity to get paid for reading emails. This way of earning is very popular among the worldwide users. Accordingly, there are white and black list services.
Choose the most reliable in your opinion are the services and visit their websites. Before registering, learn the methods withdraw funds. Sort only those e-mail services in the list of payment systems which is Yandex.Money.
Read reviews about the resources and statistics. This information you can find online and in a special block in the page footer of the postal service.
Pass the registration procedure on all the selected resources, putting personal information, address, mailbox and phone number (if it is mentioned in the registration form). Also you will need to enter the number of the purse in Yandex.Money. Follow the correctness of the input data, since some resources cannot be changed.
Please note that the vast majority of email services require that you provide only truthful information about yourself. And in case of discrepancy of personal data, the payment may be arrested by the internal security service of the resource.
Read the user agreement, the text of which is provided to the user during registration. After reading, check "I have read the user agreement" that will indicate your agreement with the conditions.
Authorize the account immediately after the registration procedure. All email services the process is different. You may be asked to enter a pin code sent to the mailbox or to provide a phone number to send the message with a secret activation code.
Read all the ways of earnings on the sites that you have registered. Typically, they provide several options for earnings on the clicks, but anyway they are as follows: reading of letters from advertisers, visits to partner sites and the assignments of customers.
Output means from the system if the amount of domestic currency earned funds exceeded the minimum threshold for output.