So the contractions were less painful, it is helpful to learn to relax. During the fight think about something abstract, it is better if it will be some very bright and memorable event in your life. It is clear that at a time when you attracted the pain, hard about something thinking, but if you manage to do it, then the fight won't seem quite so terrible. I can imagine that you are on the sea as warm waves caress your body or how nice it is to walk on white hot sand. Some helps to relax, focusing on the processes occurring in the body at this moment. If possible, you can enable unobtrusive, quiet, relaxing music or take a shower, as the water helps to reduce pain and relax.
Reduce pain massage can help. You can do it yourself, and you can ask her husband if she is near you. Stroke in a lower part of the abdomen both hands. Let someone give you a massage in the lumbosacral region, the pressure can be quite intense and strong.
Follow the breath. Uniform and rhythmic breathing is a guarantee that the oxygen will be better to do in your body. For this reason, it is impossible to hold your breath, but sometimes you can slow your breathing, it helps to relax. So to breathe better in between fights, and fights better breathing speed up, as this will help to release extra power and easier to move the fight.
Some women to reduce the pain helps the movement. Walk around the room, unable to kneel or squat. If you have in the house fitball, jump on it. Can perform rotation with the housing, it will not only easier to move the fight, but will weaken the strain on the back. If the contractions are often very painful, i.e. you can't move, get down on all fours, so it will be easier to wait them. This goal will help to achieve the pose, lying on its side.
If the contractions unbearable and nothing helps, you can ask to put a painkilling injection, but it must be remembered that the use of drugs can have side effects, getting rid of which then you may need a long time.