Traditionally, you need to call the child the name of the Saint whose memorial day is closest to the date of birth. But it is not necessary to give a name to the calendar "back", i.e. in accordance with the holiday, preceding the day of birth. Do not call a child the name of the Martyr is to bad.
Don't call the baby after a deceased member of the family: grandparents, brother, sister, etc., so it does not repeat their fate.
Do not call a child the name of the father, mother, brother, sisters and all those with whom you live, he or his namesake could die.
The girl did not narucite my mother's name and father's name. The child will be fragile, highly emotional, and overly irritable. The repetition of the name of the parent contributes to the development of negative qualities. The girl, named after his mother, it would be difficult to find with it common language and understanding. In addition, it is believed that you can not call girls male names, as they will grow up rough and it will be difficult to marry.
In any case, do not call the child a name of a deceased baby in the family so it is also not in trouble. Before the christening don't tell anyone the name of the child to be bewitched, and if they ask, answer: "My child is given by God and his name is Bogdan".
In addition, be sure to think about how your child's name will be called in childhood. Do not choose too Cutesy a name, otherwise it might become a hindrance in communication and a cause for ridicule. The name should be easy to pronounce and to remember.
Choosing a name for a boy, take into account that it can also be a father on his own behalf and will give the child a middle name. So don't call the boy a very complicated name. In addition, the name chosen for baby should be easy to match with first name, otherwise it will cause problems for your grown-up child.
The name of the child also must be consistent with the name. If the child's last name, not indicating a gender, don't call him, for example, Zhenya, Sasha, or Val. Children are very complex, when a boy mistaken for a girl and Vice versa.