You will need
  • - flowers;
  • cake;
  • the jewelry engraved;
  • - soft toy;
  • balloons.
Don't even try to apologize in absentia, i.e. through phone calls or messages. All the words that you have prepared, it is better to say in person. Of course, there are the classical methods, which are almost always flowers, candy, jewelry and stuffed toys. Try to approach buying and giving these items creatively.
Order the cake in the shape of a heart with words of love. Let the girl sees that you are not simply buying a finished product, and took care to make it unique, especially for her. Come up with a label for engraving on jewelry, choose the elegant stylish decoration, focus on the tastes of the sweetheart.
Look in the store a large fluffy toy with a red heart in his hands. Jewelry gently attach to the heart. Buy a bouquet of delicate roses. Now you have everything you need. Don't forget about the sincere love that will melt the resentment in the girl's heart.
Bring a gift themselves. If you know how to sing and play a musical instrument, remember the art of the Serenade, and do romantic songs under the window of your beloved. The young man, not having the hearing and vote, you can succeed much faster than with these talents. The girl out of the apartment after a few minutes of your singing to occupy your mouth with a kiss! However, there is a risk that neighbours have previously doused you with water.
Decorate the trees and bushes near the house sweetheart with lots of balloons on each write: "I love you, the girl's name! Forgive me!". You can bind your set of gifts to balloons inflated with helium to lift the structure, holding the rope to the Windows of his beloved.
Use radio to constantly apologize and favorite songs girls. Rent a Billboard that will certainly see a beloved, put on it your photo with words of apology. Find out through friends, goes to beloved friends. Go to these places and talk to the staff to prepare a surprise: a special dish with the inscription, which you pay in advance.
Agree with DJ that you will be released at some point on stage and say a few words or sing. Usually young people willing to support the romantic idea of love with a person who fights for their love. Regulars explain the situation and ask alternately to approach your girlfriend and give one red rose.
Turn on your imagination, and you will return his love.