You will need
  • mobile phone,
  • - a small gift.
Try to talk to him. Though it's not too original, but it is the most effective way to reconcile. After hearing the claims of his beloved, you will be able to understand what exactly he was unhappy, and this, in turn, will help you need ideas about how best to ask him for forgiveness. Even if at the end of the conversation the guy said that all is well, and he's not mad, somewhat unusual romantic behavior will not be superfluous and will help ensure that you are truly repentant.
Ask for help to your friends. Even if your young man is not answering his phone, he probably reads incoming SMS. Ask friends at the appointed hour, to send him a SMS with different texts on the same topic. Messages can be read: "Forgive her!" "It is my fault, but ready to atone! ", "She needs to understand and forgive". If your guy has a heart and sense of humor, he will definitely appreciate this original deed and forgive you.
Write under his Windows the please to forgive you. Most often the recognition under the Windows guys write to girls, so it is possible that your young man will appreciate this unusual for a girl act, and his heart melted. Call the radio station, which he listens to often, and ask for forgiveness live. Order for him a romantic song. So you show him that you don't hesitate to ask for forgiveness even in front of a large number of listeners.
Give him a gift in honor of your reconciliation. Promise to continue to avoid such mistakes and not to give him such unpleasant emotions. Feelings and relationships need to be protected from such situations, because the less negative emotions you will experience, the stronger will be your relationship. Be gentle with your loved one, try not to hurt his feelings, and he will answer you in return.