You will need
  • - passport;
  • - documents of title to the premises;
  • witnesses.
For a successful business choose a room in the center of the city, where customers will be enough. But not even that is the most important parameter. Sanitary and epidemiological station allowed to open a beauty salon, hair salon or massage services only in a place equipped with Central drainage, hot and cold water supply with sufficient capacity. The work of one of the master required a minimum area of 15 square meters, so if you plan to hire 3 hairdressers, a hall for customer service must be at least 45 sq. m. be Sure a storeroom, a bathroom and a dressing room for customers, and also finish material, which can be treated with disinfectant compositions.
Choosing the suitable place, the room with the right capacity and the necessary technical parameters meet with the owner and sign the rental agreement.
At the conclusion of the contract you will need your passport, the owner – title documents on the premises of the passport. If the document is issued in a simple written form, it would be the presence of at least two witnesses, on the part of the owner and on your part. To transfer the funds for the rent are more reliable when there are witnesses.
In the beginning of the document, specify passport data of the owner and the tenant, hereinafter, the points of all the terms of the lease, early termination, payment and rules of use of the leased premises. If the owner allows you to use the rented property at their own discretion, put the item in the contract.
The document, concluded for a period exceeding 12 months, subject to state registration. It will contact the regional registration centre, a statement, certificate, agreement and title documents for the leased premises.