You will need
  • Administrator account.
A lot depends on how manifests itself to a certain virus. If your computer has become very slow to work, then simultaneously press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete and select the menu item "task Manager". Go to the tab "Processes" and look through all the running programs and applications. Usually viral utilities occupy a large part of RAM or CPU.
Click with the right mouse button on the process-the virus and select "Open file location". Now select the process in task Manager and press Delete. Confirm stops the specified application. Delete the virus files that have been specified by the system.
If we are talking about viral banner ad, then first restart the computer. After starting the boot, press F8 and hold it. After a while you will see a new menu. Select "Windows Safe mode" and wait for the specified mode.
Click on "My computer". To do this, simultaneously press "start" and E. Navigate to the Windows folder located on the system partition of the hard drive. Open the System32 directory. Find the. dll files, which contain a combination of letters lib. Delete all the found files.
Perform an additional scan of the computer operating system. Press "start" and R. Type the command mrt.exe in the open box and press Enter. Wait for tools, malware removal Windows.
Select the scan mode to "Full" and click "Next". A running process can take several hours, depending on power of your computer and the size of the disk. Enter the command mrt.exe /Q to start the utility in the background. Delete found files, if the program does not perform this action yourself.