Select for planting the bone of Mature mango fruit, otherwise it may not germinate. To maintain the temperature of the substrate at the level of 22-26 degrees for 2-4 weeks that the seeds have germinated.
So, I get some ripe mango, remove the fruit pit. Then fully clean the bone from the pulp. Open the Dura with a sharp knife. If the fruit is fully ripe, the shell is removed easily. The seed with the open shell will germinate much faster. Treat unwrapped and seed fungicide.
Process the seed immediately put him in the container. If you just put a bone in you for some reason failed, it is possible for two months to keep the container filled with damp sand, sawdust or earth.
Container planting does not need any. It must be hard bottom. Otherwise, the root of a plant having a rod-like shape, can extend over 40-60 cm in length, if you will not meet obstacles in its path. And the longer the root, the shorter will sprout.
The container must be filled with sand and planted there the seed of the narrow end down. It must be done so that above the soil left a quarter of the seed. Now you only need to maintain the required temperature, which was written in the beginning of the article. The seed will germinate and a half to two weeks. If conditions are cooler than necessary, the seed will germinate in 3-4 weeks. Fruit your plant will be on the fifth or sixth year of life.