You will need
  • USB hub
  • PCI USB splitter
  • network card
Select the network adapter. Buy a new network card, based your future on the local network. For example, if you want to connect a computer and a laptop, and a network adapter latest supports data transfer rate up to 1GB/s, and the most reasonable in the computer to put the same adapter.
How to connect two network <strong>cards</strong>
Installation. All network cards are divided into three main groups: 1 .Integrated into the motherboard.
2. Internal network card PCI
3. External network card with a USB connector.As probably many have realized, as a second adapter to fit the 2nd and 3rd types. Consider first the adapters with the PCI connector. To connect a network card , you need to choose any free PCI slot in your motherboard. If one of them was previously another network device, the slot is better not to use.
How to connect two network <strong>cards</strong>
Install a USB adapter. If we are talking about a laptop or your motherboard has no free PCI ports, then the only solution is to purchase a network card with a USB connector. There are a few tricks when using these adapters if you want to connect a large number of network cards:1. Purchase USB splitter PCI connector, and you will get the opportunity to connect up to 5 network adapters, using just 1 slot.
2. Purchase a USB hub similar connector. This will allow you to connect 3-4 USB network card to one port.
How to connect two network <strong>cards</strong>