You will need
  • Operating system Windows 7.
Some users refuse this useful options. This is explained by a simple factor in the cost of mobile technology. So as not to burden the operating system kernel, this feature is recommended to disable. However, the developers on the official website misleading about the impossibility to perform this action, although it is doable.
Most likely, this product is only imposed on users, and disabling it will take you no more than 5 minutes. To do this, go to "start menu" and select "control Panel". Select "All control panel items", open the "Centre of synchronization" and select "setup sync".
In the opened window, go to block "Manage offline files" which is located on the left side. Then you will need to activate the button "Disable offline files". After reboot the option "Center of timing" would be completely off.
If you need to enable this feature, follow the steps in reverse order, remembering to reboot the system to apply and save the changes. Sometimes this action does not lead to the desired result, in this case it is recommended to use the tool "system Restore".
When connecting mobile devices, similar to Windows Mobile 6 versions, you need to install on your computer additional software. Link to download this utility is located in the "Additional resources" on this page.
In some cases it is not necessary to completely disable the "Centre of synchronization", you can deactivate the "communication synchronization". To do this, click "start" select "All programs" then "accessories" and "Centre of synchronization". Just right click on any "links" and select "Remove".