As it is banal sounds, follow the traffic rules. Along the road walk only on the sidewalks. If there is no sidewalk – on the edges if no edges – on the edge of the roadway facing traffic.
Cross the street at a pedestrian crossing, underground or land on a green traffic signal. If crosswalk is not provided, crossing the driveway, well estimating the speed of vehicles and the distance to them. When crossing the road with two-way traffic, follow the rule: first, look to your left, go half way and stop on a dividing strip. Then, look to the left, complete transition.
Crossing the street at the regulated pedestrian crossing, make sure that the car you miss. Move evenly, do not run. Otherwise, your appearance can be an unexpected final twist drivers that should let you in.
The greatest danger is unregulated pedestrian crossings, where there is only a Zebra. Even the Zebra is almost erased and barely visible. In addition, drivers are not very accustomed to pedestrians. In a busy place it is better not to use this transition, and to look for another traffic light.
If this is not possible, be very careful. Make sure drivers are ready for you miss. Can gesture to show the willingness to make the transition. Often the car from the right lane stops, the pedestrian begins crossing, and on the left lane hit by a car, for the driver where he was invisible. Therefore, crossing one lane, make sure that the vehicle in the next lane is also inferior to you.
If your daily route passes through the busy and dangerous places, wear bright clothes, preferably red or orange, with reflective details.
Country road do not go in places where the rise ends. Remember that the drivers going up the hill, can't see you.
Once in a critical situation, try to pull yourself together and act consciously and decisively. The action of flailing in a panic person difficult to predict for the driver who is trying to avoid a collision.