You will need
  • - onion-onion
  • - onion seeds
  • - garden soil
  • - greenhouse film
  • - box of colors
  • - plastic tray
  • - onions
Distillation of green onions on the windowsill.
Collect the bulbs, which start to arise green shoots. Pour primer into a small plastic tray, you can fill the low land of the empty pots from the flowers. Plug the bulbs into the ground and watered, when the earth is dry. Greens cut as needed. After using the bulbs and the ground throw.
If you have gathered a lot of bulbs, ready for the emergence of the greens, sprinkle garden soil in a long and deep flower box. Make a well in the earth pit and put them in the onions, sprinkle the earth. Pour the settled water. Put a box on the windowsill or on the balcony, preterite it. When you see the green arrow, the box should be well lit.
Growing green onions on the dacha.
In spring and summer green onions growing in the open ground. In the fall, prepare the bed in the place where it is well lit by the sun in the spring, so the soil is quickly warmed. Make the soil fertilizers. Plant onion sets, ten days before the frost. At the beginning of March to remove from the garden remnants of snow and water it with warm water. Planting cover film. In April on your table will be fresh green onions.
In June put the Welsh onion directly in the open ground. Then all summer you will be provided with green onions.In late July plant seeds of onions in the beds. The beds should be previously well dug and fertilized. Plant seeds in loose soil. To attack the cold from the seed will appear a few green arrows. In winter, the beds will insulate with hay or peat. In early spring feed of the landing and follow the cleaning of the greens, otherwise the onions will quickly go into the arrow.