You will need
  • 1) the Bulb, a container for growing onions, plywood, or cardboard, earth.
The first method of growing green onions at home is quite simple. Prepare the onions. If the bow has not yet shot an arrow and roots, soak it for 12 hours in warm water, the temperature of which shall not be less than 40 degrees. Remove the soaked husk and cut off the dry ponytail at the top of the onions. Pour into the container of water on top, place the plywood or cardboard. In the cardboard cut out holes slightly smaller than the size of the bulbs. In the hole lay the bulbs so that the tail barely touching the water. Due to this arrangement, the onions will rot. The water in the tank, it is desirable to change every morning and evening, as long as the bulbs will not give the roots. And after the bow shot an arrow, change the water once a day. If in a container with water, add mineral water, then the bow will grow 2 times faster.
There is another way of growing chives on the windowsill. For this we need the box and the ground. The earth need to prepare in the autumn, but the easiest way to buy the ground in any flower shop. Fill the box with earth approximately 2/3 full and carefully pour the water. Pre soak the bulbs in warm water and cut off the tip. Bulbs be planted from each other have a distance of 1 centimeter. On top sprinkle the remaining ground and pour warm water, whose temperature should be 40-45 degrees. Box put in a dark warm place for about a week, until then, until the onions will not be allowed arrow. After this, move the box on the window sill.