Ideal nail is the one that makes the female brush more beautiful and refined. And for every woman it is different. The shape of the nail depends on the proportions of the fingers, the structure and size of the nail, and sometimes from the profession.
Almond shape nails is a classic of the genre and fits all fingers. It makes the hand more elegant and sophisticated. Short almond-shaped nails decorate and fat fingers, visually extending them. Such nails are easy to do housework, care for infants and to perform any other actions. To support this form is very easy – just from time to time, to file the nail from one corner to another.
The oval shape will look good on short nails, making them longer and brush more gently. Moreover, it is suitable for thin and brittle nails is due to the constant sawing of the corners they will be less to break and cling.
Square nails visually shorten the brush, so this shape should wear only those who can boast of a long and thin fingers. When filing, you can leave the corners straight, then the brush should be held horizontally, and the movement to do only one way. And you can slightly round the corners so they don't break. Length can be any.
The sharp nails suitable for thin fingers of medium length. This form looks nice, but is quite dangerous for other people and for you. Besides, a sharp tip often breaks down.
Length of the nails depends on their structure. Strong nails can withstand any length, but thin and weak it is better to file them shorter. Then they will be less to break, to flake and look more tidy. Nails should also not interfere, so do not pursue beauty and not grow very long claws, if you are uncomfortable with them.