You will need
  • - computer
  • - Adobe Photoshop
  • - graphic tablet
Choose a brush that will work.
How to rotate a brush in photoshop
Now press F5 to open the settings menu of brushes. You will see quite a lot of items that you can configure. Most of them work only if you use a graphics tablet. So, you need to turn the angle of the brush. This feature can be configured in the "Shape Dynamics". After selecting it, you will see several sliders and drop-down lists. Size Jitter adjusts the brush size, Roundness Jitter - rotation in the plane, and the Angle Jitter - the angle of rotation of the brush. This parameter you should adjust by moving the slider. Also in the list put the Pen Pressure to the rotation angle depended on the degree of pressing the pen on the tablet. Or, if you work the mouse, put Fade.
How to rotate a brush in photoshop
As you can see, now the angle of the brush changes depending on the direction and pressure of the pen on the tablet.
How to rotate a brush in photoshop