Advice 1: How not to hear snoring

Lack of sleep significantly affects people, making them inattentive and irritable. It can also stimulate the development of various diseases. However, even if you come home and go to bed early, you may not be able to sleep, if with you lives the person who snores.
How not to hear snoring
You will need
  • - ear plugs, cotton wool;
  • player.
"He's sleeping giant sleep" – so talk about people who are difficult to zabudetsya up in the morning: they do not hear and react to stimuli. Observe yourself, notice what time you want to sleep more than anything else. Usually such peaks can be more. Go to bed at the wrong time, but when you're starting to feel sleepy. If you missed the peak at nine, go to twelve when the next will come. As a result, you will fall into a deep sleep once your head touches the pillow, and snoring won't bother you.
Try to fall asleep before the snoring partner. If you agree with him, that he will go after you and try not to interrupt your sleep, the problem will be solved. If your partner is sensitive enough, he may himself try to fight off sleep for as long as the measured breathing won't realize that you fell asleep.
If you like to fall asleep to the music, try to sleep with the player. Flowing straight into my ears the sounds of your favorite tunes will help you relax and sleep, and snoring for them, and you just will not hear.
Try to come up with positive associations with the snoring of your loved one. Maybe he reminds you of the roar of the waves beating on the rocks. Imagine that you're on the beach, breathe the fresh air, look at the raging sea. Measuring the roar of the waves calms you and you sleep.
Buy earplugs. They will protect your dream of breaking into his snoring. If you have not had time to walk to the store, you can just plug your ears with pieces of cotton wool.
If you're with snoring a person sleep in separate rooms, strengthen the sound insulation between them. Seal cracks, close at night, interior door, hang on the wall carpet. If you plan to make repairs, use sound-absorbing materials. Along the adjacent wall, you can put the furniture with rough surface – it will also absorb sound.

Advice 2: How to cure snoring folk remedy

Snoring seems a trifle unworthy of attention, only until then, until it becomes a serious problem. In addition to strong discomfort for the people forced to be around "troublemaker", it can bring serious harm to his health (shortness of breath, which leads to oxygen depletion and deterioration of the heart). In addition, snoring may be accompanied by so formidable complication like sleep apnea. Or, simply, a stopping of breathing during sleep. How to treat snoring, especially at home?
How to cure snoring folk remedy
Effective means for the treatment of snoring is considered to be burying his nose in the usual olive oil. This should be done twice a day, morning and evening. Instillation reduces swelling and improves breathing.
Even greater effect can give gargling olive oil, because snoring occurs when the runout of the soft palate on the pharyngeal wall, which leads to its thickening and chronic injury. Olive oil eliminates the risk of personal injury, softens the throat and dryness of the respiratory tract. Throat rinse before bedtime with a small amount of oil (enough for 1 canteen spoon) for thirty seconds.
There are special exercises designed for muscles of the tongue and throat. They are available to everyone and can bring a good result. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscle tissue of the tongue and lower jaw. The goal is to make these muscles even in a relaxed state (in the dream) was provided by widening of the lumen of the throat and reduce snoring. They also significantly improve the muscle tone of the throat before bedtime that prevents the appearance of snoring. To achieve the effect you need to repeat them at least 3-4 weeks.
Here is one of these exercises: as push the tongue forward and down. Hold it in this position for about two seconds. Do this exercise about thirty times twice a day.
You can also click on the chin with your fingers and make an effort to move the jaw back and forth. Do it thirty times twice a day.
Another exercise: strongly squeeze the teeth some wooden or plastic stirring stick (like a pencil). Hold at least three or four minutes. This exercise must be done just before going to sleep.
To rid yourself of redness because of the constant accusations after sleep should undergo a special examination in a hospital or treatment centre. There will be able to pinpoint the causes of this "storm" and help to find special sometimes even just individual treatment.
Useful advice
Since man cannot live without sleep and several days looking for other ways to treat snoring. How to cure snoring depends on the severity of snoring, and causes that were brought to him. Neoslojnenny snoring, which delivers only social discomfort, can be cured in some time (the travel time on the train, rest at a health resort) using the drug Nasonex.
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