What is dangerous snoring?

If you examine the mechanism of snoring, you can see that it occurs due to the weakening of laryngeal muscles. When laryngeal muscles are weakened, there is a serious risk that a uvula will block the respiratory passage. Sleep may just suffocate. That's why snoring necessarily need to be treated. But most people do not consider snoring a disease to be combated. Anyway, to the doctor about getting rid of snoring turning the unit.

If you do not want to go with this problem to the doctor, you can try to stop snoring by yourself.

Snoring on the back

It is easier to stop snoring if the snoring occurs only in a certain position (mostly on back). Of course, not to sleep all night on the back hard. That is to be controlled in any position, but then, in the dream, it is easy again to turn back. Not to do so, there is a method. Need to sew pajamas a special pocket on the back below the shoulder blades and put a tennis ball. The pocket stitches. Those who used this method claim that it is very effective in two weeks produced persistent reflex not to sleep on your back, and the snoring disappears.

What causes snoring

But many not only snore on my back and in different positions. Here it is necessary to find the cause of snoring and eliminate it. The reason may be the completeness. This is a fairly common phenomenon – adipose tissue prevents the free penetration of air. After reduction of body weight, the snoring disappears.

Contributes to snoring and Smoking. Absolute option of disposal is to quit Smoking. But if this is immediately impossible, we should try not to smoke for two hours before bedtime. The same applies to alcohol and overeating before bedtime.

In the presence of chronic rhinitis, which can also be the cause of snoring, it is possible to do inhalations for a few months. If you have allergic rhinitis, organize the bedroom so that the atmosphere in it was hypoallergenic. No need for flowers, carpet, cats and blankets of wool or fluff.

You can use special strips at night to facilitate nasal breathing. Or perform simple exercises three times a day. Forty times the maximum push forward the tongue and hold for two seconds. A month later, the snoring is significantly reduced.

Nothing helped – snoring continues to be such that "the walls are shaking"? Maybe you have obstructive sleep apnea. Can help a doctor. And the reasons for, and actions to eliminating snoring for each strictly individual. The reasons will be determined by the doctor based on history data. And the severity can be identified through special studies – polysomnography.