You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
Run the GUI editor, and then load the desired document. If this image in one of standard graphic formats (e.g. gif or jpg), before you edit it is necessary to convert the only layer in the document. Photoshop does not allow you to edit the background layer of images, so just right click the entry that layer in the layers panel and select the menu with the enigmatic phrase "From background".
Enable one of the ways to highlight area of the image on the toolbar for this are three buttons, each of which is mounted a set of several options. To see the full set of options for an individual button, hover over and a couple of seconds hold down the left mouse button.
If you want to assign to the cutting of rectangular or oval section of the picture, use the tools on the second button in this panel - "Rectangular area" or "Oval". In addition to them for the click fixed horizontal and vertical allocation of strips of width one pixel.
The third button includes tools to "Lasso", "Magnetic lasso" and the "polygonal lasso". Use them to highlight plot of irregular shape. By including a simple "Lasso", you will have to draw the mouse closed loop selection. When using the "polygonal lasso", it is sufficient to set control points and to connect them will be the program itself. "Magnetic lasso tool" works the same but after the completion of the process graphic editor will round bumps marking the best - in his opinion - way.
For the fourth button fixed tools "Magic wand" and "Quick selection". Enable one of them if you want to Photoshop analyzed the image in the specified by clicking with the left mouse button area and at its discretion, allocated a plot of same, he believes, points pictures.
After marking the cut area open in the application menu section "Edit" and select "Cut". You can replace these actions by pressing Ctrl + X.