You will need
  • - two computers connected in a local network with Windows XP and above.
Turn on the computer to which you want to go in the future via remote access. Select "control Panel" in the main menu "start" and start the snap-in System. In the window that appears to the left scroll to "advanced settings". In the opened window go to the tab "Remote access", which will be its setting.
Activate the checkbox "Allow remote assistance connections to this computer". This automatically generates an exception for the Windows firewall. Then click on the "Advanced" button. Here set the resolution on the remote control and the session. Go to the tab "Remote access" and select the option to connect to a remote desktop.
Install on your computer login and password to enter the system. Otherwise the remote user will not be able to connect to it. Go to "control Panel" and select the snap-in "user Accounts". Click on the link "create a password" and enter the required settings. If you want to change the user name, then click on "Change account name".
Take the computer from which you log in via remote access. If you do not know the name of the remote computer or its IP address in the local network, enter a command prompt ipconfig. After that, open "start menu" and select under "Standard" paragraph "Connecting to a remote desktop".
Enter in the window that appears the address of the computer to which you want to connect. Click "Connect". If communication is established then you will see a window where you will need to enter the username and password set on the computer you are accessing. If necessary, you can set additional connection parameters by clicking on the appropriate button.