You will need
  • - essential oils (chamomile, bergamot, lavender, lemon or sandalwood oil);
  • tea of chamomile or meadowsweet vyazolistny;
  • - infusion of herbs buku;
  • - infusion of bearberry, celery seeds, agrimony ordinary, marshmallow root;
  • - garlic;
  • - barley water with lemon (100g pearl barley, zest of one lemon)
Cure cystitis without antibiotics by using aromatherapy. The most powerful antiseptic action have such essential oils like chamomile, bergamot, lemon and sandalwood oil. Add 10 drops of one of these funds into the bathroom immediately before immersion in water. In order to relieve the discomfort caused by the progression of cystitis, apply to the lower abdomen warm compresses with the addition of 5 drops of lavender oil or chamomile.
The principle of treatment of cystitis herbs is receiving large quantities of liquid, water and herbal infusions. To reduce inflammation, characteristic of cystitis, and achieve a retreat of the disease you can use to use large amounts of chamomile tea or beverage of medicinal plants such as meadowsweet.
For serious attacks of cystitis , take a more potent antiseptic, for example, infusion of herbs buku, which not only positively affects the urinary tract, but also softens the inflamed mucosa. In addition, taking an infusion of the herb buck, you'll avoid a re-occurrence of cystitis.
In that case, if your urine is the result of the progression of the cystitis became unbearable burning, start taking an infusion of the bearberry, which has an excellent antiseptic effect. You can add celery seeds that have a alkaline effect on the urine, agrimony ordinary, acting on swollen tissue such as an astringent and tonic, and marshmallow root, with a strong softening action.
An excellent tool for the treatment of cystitis is the ordinary garlic. It not only effectively fights infections, but also perfectly cleans the fabric. Use it inside not only during treatment but for some time after the symptoms of the disease disappear.
During the treatment of cystitis instead of tea and coffee nutritious drink barley water with lemon, to prepare which you can do. For this purpose 100 g of pearl barley cover with water so that the liquid just covered the rump. The resulting mass, bring to the boil, strain and drain all the water. Add to this the rump 750 ml of water and boil it on slow fire for 5 minutes. Add to the zest of one lemon and allow to cool. The healing fluid drain into a carafe or jar. Store the drink is recommended in the refrigerator.