You will need
  • The computer game disc or a virtual disc image, program.
So, the game is already installed. Double-click the game icon. Find it on the desktop of your computer or in the start menu or in the folder where you installed the game. The game start without the disc? So you can play. Does not start and asks to insert a disk, proceed to the next step.
Install on your PC a program that can create virtual DVD drives. From free and available stands out Deamon Tools lite. If you have the game disc, then insert it into the drive and create a virtual copy. For this program select "Create image", then search in the corresponding window of the disk and complete the procedure. In the result save the image to the computer.
Now launch the game without the disc. Locate the saved virtual image and run it through the program. Also, you can run games downloaded from the Internet in the form of images. If you cannot run, then disk protection is too strong. Try to purchase a paid version or try another program.