You will need
  • - wrench;
  • - viewing hole, a platform or a lift;
  • - plastic tube;
  • a syringe;
  • - volumetric capacity.
If for any reason the oil level in the engine of your car exceeds the allowed limit, be sure to evacuate it. Not worth the wait, it will not disappear. If you don't hurry, you may have to change the crankshaft seal is not the cheapest form of repair.
Remove excess oil from the engine can be different. The first method is quite simple. Drain excess oil through the drain hole of the crankcase. To do this, place the car on a viewing hole, pound on a rack or lift with the lift.
Let the engine cool down, otherwise the drained liquid may be too hot, and you will be hard to screw the tube.
With a wrench Unscrew the plug on the drain hole of the crankcase. Holding her hand, a thin stream pour the oil into a measuring container. After the required amount drained, tighten plug. This method is quite dirty and needs some skill. Besides renting a lift or trestle is not always free.
The second method is easier and more convenient. This procedure is best done while the engine is hot. In this case the oil easier to pump. Remove the dipstick from the crankcase drain. Take a plastic tube from a medicine dropper, a length of at least 1m. Push it to the discharge pipe at maximum depth. The other end of the tube connect with a syringe that will work on the principle of the vacuum pump. Pull back the plunger. Oil will rise in the tube and fill the syringe. Disconnect it from the tube. Drain the oil into a container. Repeat.
The advantages of this method are obvious. Because the known syringe volume, the amount of oil pumped can be easily determined with an accuracy of a milligram, and does not need to "catch" the right moment. To drain the excess can be in any convenient location, without spilling a drop while.