The basis by which compliance of the quoted applications is the notification about conducting of request for quotations. The customer is entitled to reject an applicationif it does not meet these requirements. In addition, the reason for the deviation could be the cost of the services and price that will exceed the maximum value specified in notification about conducting of request for quotations.
According to the letter of the RF Ministry of economic development and the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation dated 19.08.2009 No. 13613-up/Д05, the Commission may reject an application for the auction in the case where the customer in the application indicated all the necessary details for the transfer to ensure application of funds, and the participant has not applied in the package of documents submitted for participation in auction, the payment order confirming the transfer.
To reject a request can be in the case where a payment order or its copy is attached, but the details of the company party specified in them do not match what was specified in the documentation. When the payment amount is less than that which was specified in the order, the party also released and deprived of the right to participate in the auction.
When the auction documentation in electronic form are required to indicate a trademark of the supplier, even if the customer this requirement does not impose, an application may be rejected. It follows from article 41.8, part 4 of the Law on public procurement.
Another reason to reject bids for the auction will be a violation of the Federal law "On electronic digital signature". Quoted application filed in electronic form, subscribe the electronic digital signature (EDS) of the authorized persons. If the digital signature is missing, the application will not be considered legitimate, and you are entitled to reject it, because without it the customer cannot recognize the equivalence of digital signature and the signature of the applicant made his own, according to article 4 of the act.
The application for holding an electronic auction may be rejected if there is insufficient funds on the account of the participant. Their sum should be not less than the set size of the software application.