Since July 2011 the new documents with tax inspections, it primarily concerns letters. Sending various kinds of requests and emails through a system of ION is carried out in accordance with the Order FTS of Russia dated 22.06.2011 № MMV-7-6/381@ published 27 June 2011. Install the computer software "Kontur extern" and form letter to the IRS. To do this, in the top pane, select the menu "Services" and then "Write a letter". In the appropriate fields, specify the name of the sender, the recipient (the number of tax inspections), the message's subject or treatment.
If you are an authorized representative acting under power of attorney, along with a letterm in a file attachment, send the tax office information about power of attorney.
After your letter is sent, you will receive the following electronic documents:1. Confirmation of date of dispatch. This document is generated by a specialized operator. It contains the date and time the email was sent. He goes to both the sender and the recipient.2. The notice of receipt. This electronic document is generated in the receiving complex of the Tax authority in the case when the letter is successfully loaded.3. Error message. You will get if you load the email system failed. This could be your fault, the message will indicate the errors that must be corrected and trying again send.
After receiving your letter, the tax authority must register it and prepare a response if your letter requires an answer, not is for informational purposes only. In case of refusal, a "Notice of refusal", which should contain the reasons why your appeal was not upheld. Registration and preparation of response to your request is within the time established by section 11 of the Administrative regulations of the FES of Russia.
In case of receiving "notification of refusal" document for this letter is considered complete. You need to fix those bugs that are listed as causes of failure and to form the letter again.