The easiest way the htmlcode is associated with the use of built-in capabilities of the browsers. Each has the option of displaying code page. So, in the Internet Explorer browser to view the code necessary to open the menu: "View" - "View htmlcode".
Those who work with the Opera browser, to view the code should be open "View" - "Source code" or press Ctrl + F3. Users of Mozilla Firefox can view the html code by clicking on the page, right-click and selecting the context menu item "page Source".
Users working with Google Chrome, too, should use the context menu by right-clicking the mouse on the browser page, and select the option "View code page".
To keep open source in Opera, click the open html page button "Save" in the upper left of the window. In Mozilla Firefox, select "File" - "Save page as...". Similarly, the saved html code in IE. In Google Chrome click open code, right-click and select in context menu "Save as".
If you need to work with the stored code, take advantage of this special software. For the development of the HTML language perfect editor with syntax highlighting CuteHTML, very simple and easy to use. It can be used to create quite complex pages.
For professional work with HTML and create complex sites, use Dreamweaver. It's a visual website Builder allows you to create even very complex projects. Working in this program, you can use a ready-made website templates that will considerably speed up and simplify the creation of the Internet resource.
Many free templates on which you can create very beautiful websites posted online. Just download any template, open it in Dreamweaver and modify the necessary way. Templates you can download here: